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Uprise Buff

The uprise buff is often not understood. And even fewer understand how to glitch it.

You get(from 10 clicks, a 10th of this per click):
30 leadership added to all heroes
50% army defense bonus to all fighting troops
30% hero attack bonus added to all heroes.

Pretty good hmm?

How to glitch it:
1. first uprise and post to facebook(you obviously have to first link evony to fb to do this). 
2. go on another fb account friends with the first.
3. click the post, but do not confirm it!
4. change the link, you should see a section(highlighted in red in the code below) like such: 2013.04.14+00.51.36 with the date and time, chge seconds(36 in that case) and raise by 1, then load the page, then another second, load, repeat multiple times, and you get the buff fully after 10 attempts.

NOTE: Only lasts 8 hours.

The benefits will increase your troops training speed significantly but if you do not wish to have it 24/7 i would recommend suzing a small production city of yours with an alt, then uprising and glitching if you are attacked, as it will make a massive difference to your defense.